The Changing Face of Rehabilitation Centers

After a serious injury or illness many patients need therapy in order to fully recover. For decades that meant hours spent in hospital-like settings. Patents typically worked with tried-and-true, standard therapy equipment. Today patients who need rehabilitation often get well in surroundings that feel more like spas. They offer state-of-the-art equipment, a team approach and access to unique treatments.

Patients Enjoy Elegant Surroundings

Today’s therapists understand that atmosphere plays a huge part in recovery, so the finest facilities are beautifully designed to be soothing and cheerful. Patients are offered well-appointed rooms with details that rival many upscale hotels. They enjoy meals in restaurant-quality dining areas. Exteriors are carefully landscaped and manicured. Even driving up to the entrance of a therapy center often provides the welcoming feel of a retreat.

Centers Offer Specialized Programs

In addition to cutting edge occupational, physical and speech therapy, centers offer a range of specialized programs. For instance, patients can get help with cardiac and stroke recovery. Specialists offer pulmonary and urinary incontinence treatments. Experts who provide lymphedema programs help those suffering with issues like post-surgical swelling, circulation problems and weakened lymphatic systems. Therapists help patients restore balance using devices like BioSway, which improve their gait and balance skills. Options also include wound care, mist and pain reduction treatments.

A Unique Approach Offers Personalized Help

The finest recovery centers also speed recovery times by combining an inter-disciplinary approach and high tech equipment. Each patient is evaluated and their care plan is tailored to their specific goals and needs. Teams of professionals work together to make measurable progress. Their goal is to ensure that each patient improves their quality of life. Treatments are designed to enhance emotional as well as physical well-being. Therapists offer treatments as often as 7 days each week. In addition to in-house programs, they ensure complete recovery through outpatient treatments.

Today patients recovering from medical conditions like illness, injuries or surgery often spend time in upscale medical centers. The facilities use cutting edge equipment and a personalized approach that promotes quick healing. In addition, the centers are beautifully designed and decorated to provide a sense of elegance and well-being.


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